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zMothers Day Gift Box

zMothers Day Gift Box

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These Mother’s Day Gift Boxes are truly better than chocolate!

Each box has 6 macarons of different flavors. 

  • Lemon Blueberry- this macaron consists of blueberry caramel ganache with a Turkish lemon jam in the center, in between 2 shells that are made with lemon zest and blueberry powder. Topped with a lemon royal icing for an extra zing!
  • Coconut Samoa- this macaron has a soft caramel filling that’s been packed with toasted coconut! Dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with even more toasted coconut!
  • Berries & Cream Cake- First we made a vanilla cake. While it was still hot, we poured piping hot homemade strawberry vanilla jam over it to soak it over night. We crumbled that up and made it into little balls for the center of the macaron. We then piped a ring a whipped vanilla bean ganache around it and sprinkled raspberry powder over each one. 
  • Caramel Macchiato- this macaron is filled with a delicious pastry style ganache. First we made a homemade caramel and deglazed it with a mixture of steamed cream and espresso (with a couple vanilla beans in there too!) once we cooked that down, we poured it over gold chocolate and emulsified it. To say this is creamy and delicious is an understatement!
  • Matcha Elderberry- as if matcha isn’t good enough on its own, mix it with some gold chocolate and elderflower cordial and you have a party for your taste buds! Another pastry style ganache, infused with a subtle flavor of elderflowers is a surprise that mom won’t see coming! 
  • Vanilla Raspberry Rose- this flavor won the highest vote in my flavor poll on our Facebook page and rightfully so! Fresh vanilla beans and organic rose petals soaked in hot cream and poured over Lindt white chocolates, piped around a generous amount of homemade raspberry jam infused with rose water! Drizzled with royal icing and more organic rose petals. 

If you have to choose between roses or macarons, just put the roses down and give mom the best of both worlds! This box of macarons is better than chocolates and better than flowers! Such unique flavor combinations that mom will love! But don’t expect her to share, so you better buy 2! 

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