Our Story

We are a family who loves feeding all people! One of our favorite things to do has always been cooking for people. When my husband and I were dating, our favorite place to be was in the kitchen cooking together. Our favorite shows were Chopped Champions, Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver... You get the point. Food has always been a huge bonding experience for us. Now that we have our 3 amazing boys, they are learning to love it just as much. 

We had a Christmas party with our Homeschool friends in 2022 and we were all bringing cookies to exchange. I was so tired of the same ole chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin , blah blah blah.. So I took to Pinterest to find something different! (And easy because naturally, this was the night before the party.. Hence the ADD) I found the cutest little Christmas tree meringue cookies! Seemed easy enough even though I had never made meringue before. Well long story short, it turned out like sticky soup! I had to throw it all away and ended up taking “no bake” cookies. There weren't many things in life that I attempted and didn't get it perfectly done the first time, so I was determined to make these dang meringue cookies! 


My second attempt came out spectacular! They were perfect, fun to make, and unlike anything I had ever tasted! They were crunchy, but as soon as you bit down they melted in your mouth. They were so cute looking you didn't want to eat them, but once you did, you couldn't stop! Next thing I loved to do was share them with all of my friends and family! Everyone loved them just as much as we did! 


My sister Jamie mentioned to me that Macaron cookies are made with meringue and I should attempt to make those. She also mentioned that they are the hardest cookies to make and not many people can get it down. That's all it took! I immediately was determine to master this difficult Macaron cookie! (Even though I had never even eaten one before!)

My first attempt came out pretty darn good if I do say so myself. 

Again, I set out to share them with our closest family members! They were all completely amazed that my first attempt came out so nicely! All of their positive feedback made my head swell and I became addicted. That's when the good Lord humbled me. Every batch after that came out all wrong! Under baked, over baked, over mixed, under mixed, oven temps too high, oven temps too low, using convection settings, using natural food powders as dyes, sticky shells, hollow shells that constantly broke.... and the list goes on! I read every single recipe book that my library carried. I watched every single video on YouTube TWICE! (If not more!) I read every blog post. I became part of multiple Macaron support groups on Facebook. I was more determined and more passionate about making these cookies properly than I had ever felt about anything else I had ever done!

Then... It was February 1st, Valentine's Day was coming up, and I had FINALLY made a perfect batch of macarons! Then a second batch! And a third! My head swelled up again, so I announced I was selling Valentine's Boxes. I got a huge amount of orders! So I started baking.. First batch came out great. Second batch came out soft and sticky. Third batch even worse and so on. I got enough "passable" macarons made to fill my orders but I was not happy with them. Came to find out our oven was dying! I was discouraged and heart broken at the thought of not being able to do this business. So I prayed and I asked God for His blessing. I asked Him, if it's in His Will for me to do this business, please bless us with a new oven at an affordable price. 

  About 3 weeks later, I found a listing on Facebook Marketplace for a nice looking oven for $100! We got it thinking "Used is better than nothing, and we need an oven anyways." When we got it home we realized it was a 2021 "smart" oven! It was practically brand new and normally an $800 oven! I obviously took this as an answered pray that God had given me his blessing to proceed with the business!




Now we are turning my "mommy's hobby business" into our full time Family Business and we couldn't be happier! We've always had a passion for feeding people and now it's our career! I couldn't be happier to be doing this along side my best friend and Husband! He has always been my biggest supporter and the best mentor! I truly couldn't do it without him.





If you actually read this entire thing I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and interest in our business. If you take anything away from our story, I hope it's that there is power in prayer. Our God is so so good in all His ways. Tell Him your hearts desires and watch Him work in your life! But don't think it'll be easy. You have to put the work, faith, and prayers into it. 

God Bless!