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Afrato Bakery

Cookies & Cream Macaron

Cookies & Cream Macaron

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These cookie & creams macarons were inspired by my oldest son! He gave me the idea and we made created a recipe together! Well... I made it and he was the taste tester. He has great taste because these turned out to be one of our favorites! 

Again creating a pastry cream and pouring that over our high quality white chocolates, we then stirred in the crushed gluten free oreos for that super special cookie taste!

These macarons not only taste amazing and have 13+ grams of filling in each one, but they're also a gluten free - dye free option! While they are made with all gluten free ingredients, our kitchen does contain gluten but we do our best not to cross contaminate! And to make it even more amazing, these are one of our new signature flavors that will be available year around! 

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